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SUBJECT: # 77: Crappie Fishing in New Jersey

Submitted by Noel Sell from NEW JERSEY on 12/6/1999 9:24:00 PM

I was wondering if there were any crappie fishing in the state of NJ. I have gotten tired of catching lots of bass and trout in the state and really like catching something different for a change. I do not catch crappie by accident, but target them in the spring and fall. I have a tough time finding and catching them in the summer. I have been successful in catching crappie in Mercer Lake, Lake Hopatcong, Carnagie, and others. I would love to trade info with anyone on catching crappie in the state on NJ. Maybe someone out there is succesful catching them in the summer. I fish alot of tube baits, hair and feather jigs, and fin-s-shad. Thanks to anyone out there who replies.

  1. 12/9/1999 8:09:00 PM Li from NEW JERSEY says Crappie Fishing
    Noel, I live in central Jersey and fish for crappie too. I caught some good crappie from Spruce Run Reservior, and also caught some nice crappie in a small pond call Deer Path Pond. I used to use tube lure and curly tail, but a friend of mine introduced me to a soft plastic jig call treble tails. It really works! I caught more crappie on treble tails than any other lure. We caught a lot of crappie even in the summer, just find a deep spot with shade, and you will catch them. I am still relatively new to crappie fishing (started last year), but had a lot of fun catching them. Hope this helps. Tight lines. Li
  2. 12/10/1999 3:32:00 PM Noel Sell from NEW JERSEY says Need help from Li
    Hey Li! I was wondering if you could tell me where you can purchase the treble tails. I am always looking for a new mouse trap. I would of e-mailed you, but no address was given. If you want to e-mail me I don't mind. I left my e-mail address with the post. Thanks alot. If you e-mail I can share some info with you. I have been crappie fishing for a few years now and enjoy it. I want to become more of a multi-spieces type of fisherman. Take care
  3. 12/11/1999 1:10:00 PM Li from NEW JERSEY says treble tails
    Hi Noel, The treble tail I mentioned is actually called Tripple Splits. It is marketed by Cedar Creek Tackle in Heath Springs, SC. Their phone number is (803)-285-3884, Fax (803) 283-3894. Email They have many color selections. My favored is charcheuse. Good luck. Li
  4. 12/14/1999 7:16:00 PM Larry from VIRGINIA says Crappie Lakes ,NJ
    Noel sorry Ive been busy moving to Va. I went to school in Woodbridge an use to fish Farrington Lake near E.Brunswick. I grew up in Passaic Co. an fished Greenwood Lk. quite often. I understand your temps have dropped a little lower than here but try these and good luck.
  5. 12/18/1999 7:52:00 PM fishlover from MASSACHUSETTS says crappie
    Berkley's Power bait--crappie nibbles really work well for me. fish it with a bobber.
  6. 2/28/2000 2:32:00 PM mike weiland from . says crappie fishng
    can anyone tell me if you can catch crappie in march when the water is still cold and what type of jig is best
  7. 2/28/2000 2:38:00 PM mike weiland from NEW JERSEY says crappie fishing
    can anyone tell me if you can catch crappie in march when the water is still cold and what type of jig is best
  8. 12/8/2000 8:18:00 PM jeremy from NEW JERSEY says crappie
    I was arrested at splitrock resevoir (Rockaway)after being told by fish and game I could fish there. I was then prosecuted for criminal trespassing and threatened with jail or a $407.00 fine with no payment option. does that seem like fair treatment for a NationalGuard/Boyscout/Fishermen. I was just wondering if anyone has run into, or should I say run over by this problem. other than that the fishing in that res is unbelevable I used to take hikes from a bordering boyscout camp there and catch fish that should not exist,only one 22 inch crappie, many over 15 inches easyly pulled out of 27ft deep watter with 1\2 ounce + spinner baits also ponyhead jigs ok and small curlytail on a bob. then the pickerel in that place usualy dont get any smaller than 30 in. my biggest was about 42+ inches. and the yellow perch easily excede 18 inces. almost forgot about the large mouth lots of them undersize but also a lot of monsters cought many over 8 lbs actual 7 this year 3 of them at splitrock. just when you think im full of it heres the story on split rock. there used to be a natural pond called splitrock pond which was floded by the res which is over400 acrs and was built in 1947. and has been off limits since ever since (ecept for the lacals!!!!!!) that = alot of fish and angry locals (because of plans for a boat launch)

    feel free to email at

  9. 5/10/2002 10:35:00 AM from ALABAMA says crappi fishing in nj
    big swartswood lake has a abundant crappi fishing its in sussex county about 7 miles from newton nj good luck

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