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SUBJECT: # 108: puddle jumper crappie lures

Submitted by Greg from MINNESOTA on 2/10/2000 6:30:00 PM

heard alot about using puddle jumpers for crappie fishing,problem is i live in minnesota and you ask a bait shop about a puddle jumper and you get "the deer in-the-head light look".can someone tell me where i can call to buy some ?sure would appreciate some help !

  1. 2/11/2000 7:04:00 AM Hawk from GEORGIA says Puddle Jumpers
    Personally, I don't have the faintess idea of what puddle jumpers are, but if you would go to and ask Sam Crenshaw, he'll probably point you in the right direction... I hope this helps... Hawk
  2. 2/11/2000 9:11:00 AM Perch Jerker from TEXAS says Re. Puddle Jumpers
    Greg: Puddle Jumpers are a soft plastic split tail lure about 1-1/2-2" long. Most southern tackle catalogs list them especially Bass Pro Shops. They are used with lead head jigs in the same way tubes are used. They are really popular on Toledo Bend for crappy. Hope this helps

    Jerk Em

    Perch Jerker

  3. 2/11/2000 12:27:00 PM Mal from OHIO says Puddle Jumper
    They are not the easiest to describe. Check out page 54 of the 25th Anniversary In-Fisherman Special Issue.
  4. 2/11/2000 3:53:00 PM Jim from GEORGIA says puddle jumper crappie lures Are Here
    MarLynn Lures, P.O. Box 296, Blue Springs, MO 64015, Phone: 816-229-3480 I found the address and phone number in In-Fisherman Magazine Book #112 March '93
  5. 2/14/2000 4:49:00 PM greg from MINNESOTA says puddle jumper jigs
    Thanks to hawk,perch jerker,mal and jim for responding to my inquiry on puddle jumpers.found the new manufacturer of them and they are sending a catalog for me to look at. mar-lynn lure co. was purchased by tads lure co. acouple of years ago.
  6. 2/26/2000 2:40:00 PM bart from KANSAS says puddle jumpers
    MarLynn lures sells puddle jumpers online at
  7. 3/2/2000 6:20:00 PM Greg JARVELA from MINNESOTA says Puddle jumpers
    Thanks bart,i actually found thru in-fisherman magazine.called the factory in arkansas and got all kinds of puddle jumpers,reapers & shad-o's.
  8. 5/3/2003 4:08:00 PM Mark Williams M.D. from ARKANSAS says info on how to get puddle jumper/fliptail/reapers
    My father CDR Hasty Williams (USN Ret.), David Dearmore, and I own Dearmore-Williams Manufacturing Company. We manufacture the Puddle Jumper, Fliptail, and the Reaper. Our manufacturing plant is located in Yellville, Arkansas. Phone number is (870) 449-LURE (5873) Ask For Hasty. By the way, I have fished our new 9 1/4 " Fliptail Worm at Lake Fork with incredible success. Good luck, enjoy our products, and stop by to see the facility if any of you are ever in Yellville, Arkansas located near Bull Shoals/Norfork Lake and the famous White River...northern Arkansas. Email me at if i can be of any further assistance.

    Sincerely, Mark Williams, M.D.

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