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SUBJECT: # 16: Best crappie bait

Submitted by TXfisher ( from TEXAS on 6/17/1999 2:47:00 PM

I'd like everyone's opinion on what their best crappie bait is whether it be a certain jig or just minnows.Thanks

  1. 6/18/1999 12:11:00 AM Submitted by wayne ( from INDIANA says crappie bait
    Maybe I am just not good enough with them yet but the only time i can really get on a rll with a jig is in the spring when they are agressive. It's a small twister tail grub or tube bait. My vote has got to go to the minnow. Maybe it's just me. wayner
  2. 6/19/1999 9:13:00 AM Submitted by McCoy ( from TENNESSEE says Bait
    My vote is with the minnow. Sometimes jigs are better. Sometimes one color jig is better than another color, but if you put a minnow in front of a crappie, it will bite.
  3. 6/19/1999 9:33:00 PM Submitted by Tim ( from NEW MEXICO says crappie
    the best bait for me to use is an 1/8 grube and if that doest work a yellow mister twister grube with a dab of worm.
  4. 6/25/1999 11:31:00 AM Submitted by kel-lure ( from NORTH CAROLINA says crappie kryptonite
    Lil fishie made by creme,...will fill the boat and make you throw the jigs away. good fishing all.
  5. 6/25/1999 4:46:00 PM Submitted by Pete ( from FLORIDA says Mine #1
    jigs,any color as long as its white.Wife uses minnows tho,but when your in them jigs are faster and I feel catch more. Any kind as long as the body is white,head colors are another story tho.
  6. 7/6/1999 11:38:00 AM Submitted by RipDaLips ( from TEXAS says Bait
    Jigs in the fall and winter, minnows in the spring and summer. They will all catch fish, it's just that certain times of the year they like some better than others.
  7. 7/7/1999 5:43:00 PM Submitted by JeffJ ( from TEXAS says All-Time Most Catching-est Crappie Jig
    1/16 oz lead-head jig with White/Chartreuse skirted tube.

    Reel them slower than you have ever reeled before!!!

  8. 7/11/1999 8:32:00 PM Submitted by Jake Schmidt ( from MISSOURI says subject #16 Best crappie bait
    I've had real good luck with pink Silhouette Tadpoles.
  9. 8/15/1999 1:52:00 PM Submitted by riverat ( from ALABAMA says my #1
    i like to minnow fish but i think that a jig is quicker when fish are biting good. my favorite jig is a tube jig on a tube head in electric blue, they cant resist it in clear or dingy water. i also prefer minnows in winter and sometimes in summer good luck, riverat
  10. 8/26/1999 9:58:00 PM Submitted by nick ( from CALIFORNIA says bait
    Worms and a bobber is my favorite bait. When you find the fish they all fight over the small piece of nitecrawler
  11. 9/4/1999 6:37:00 AM Submitted by jerry ( from ALABAMA says best crappie bait
    Try CURB"S crappie hair jig for best results on crappie
  12. 3/5/2000 1:56:00 PM Submitted by Thomas Hannaford ( from MISSISSIPPI says Crappie
    The best bait for crappie fishing has to be a little bright green spinner bait.
  13. 4/19/2002 6:03:00 PM Submitted by lilbarkingdog ( from ILLINOIS says best bait for crappie fishing
    I haven't very good luck with minnows. My husband and I use jigs and tubes. He does well with orange and yellow tubes. I haven't notice any particular color that works for me.

  14. 10/8/2004 4:31:00 PM Submitted by david ( from TENNESSEE says best crappie bait
    I think the best bait is a minnow. But I have heard that small goldfish work best. I have not tried them yet.

  15. 10/12/2004 2:38:00 PM Submitted by David ( from TENNESSEE says New crappie bait for me
    I found that while minnows work well all the time, that crappie love wax worms. I went fishing the past weekend with a box full of wax worms, and ther results were great. Wax worms not only work well for crappie but catfish and brim love them as well.

  16. 5/30/2005 9:45:00 PM Submitted by clint p ( from PENNSYLVANIA says crappie baits
    I am finding that wax worms are very effective at catching crappies up here in North East PA. The crappies have been hitting them well right before sunset.

  17. 1/9/2006 2:45:00 PM Submitted by Mike ( from PENNSYLVANIA says crappie baits
    little white dart with a wax worm, very small bobber, light line, keep it short: Crappie look up to feed.

  18. 2/28/2008 10:54:00 PM Submitted by Ken Nguyen ( from NEW JERSEY says Crappies
    Crappies are aggressive fish and it would bite on any live fish. Minnow are great to fish with, but catching a fish and kill another is not really the way to fish. I think the best lure to use all year long in New Jersey and many state that i fish is a 1 3/4 inches fin-s alewife color. I have fish wish it about 300 days last year and it is a great lure to fish with a bopper.

  19. 10/26/2008 7:11:00 PM Submitted by John Helms ( from ALABAMA says Best Crappie Fishing
    Go to Lake Mitchal north of Montgomery great crappie in the spring

  20. 4/21/2009 6:55:00 PM Submitted by matt ( from IDAHO says crappie bait
    my number 1 crappie bait is the little husler mainly colors pink and black and sometimes they will hit sparkly gray ( these fish are in the size of 12 to 14 inches

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