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SUBJECT: # 549: Central Texas Crappie Fishing

Submitted by Hook from TEXAS on 12/30/2002 10:59:00 AM

My Pop always told me that Crappie fishermen were the quitest of all but, this is ridiculous. Is there anyone out there from Central Texas that wants to share a little information??

I'll start - Lake Georgetown fishing is really turning on and producing some very nice (12-15 inch) fish. I've been dojng "Happy Hour" (dusk) and night fishing for the last couple of weeks.

I'd like to know if Crappies are any good on Belton, Stillhouse and Decker - any takers??

  1. 1/1/2003 10:46:00 AM Levert from TEXAS says Crappie
    Thanks for info on Lake Georgetown, would like some info on Lake O.H. Ivy near coleman. And Ray Roberts near Denton

  2. 1/1/2003 8:33:00 PM Crash8005 from TEXAS says 12/30 Crappie Report
    Your right about crappie fishermen being rediculously quiet in this discussion board. I am new to the site and all the guys on the bass fishing board are constantly posting. I fish in the North Eastern part of Texas and was wondering if you knew of any good areas up here to catch some good crappies. I will be fishing for slabs until spawning season so I will be sure to let you guys know how I do. Good Luck!

  3. 2/1/2003 11:02:00 PM Phil from TEXAS says L. Gtn crappie
    Hook - what general area of Lake Georgetown were you catchin' crappie back in Dec? Main lake or in the river? Thinking about getting my crappie rig ready! Lake Granger used to have a good reputation for crappie.

  4. 5/8/2003 4:56:00 AM Chaser from TEXAS says Crappie Craz
    Fish'n for Crappie at Belton is excellent if you know the right spot. Have been fish'n Belton since I was knee high to a grass-hopper and know a lot of HONEY HOLES that never fail me on Paper-mouths or Blackies. Do real well on Channels when I am in the mood to fish for them. Georgetown is the same way. Have fished Georgetown off and on since 1985 and always go home "HAPPY" Only thing about Belton since the Iraq incident you have to be careful where you fish because, of the security on the military installation. But, don't let that stop you from going out and having a goodtime. Now Lake Inks and Buchanan is a different story. No Crappies in Inks the Strippers love them so they are very far and few between, actually NONE! Lake Buck is great for Strippers too! But because of home-land security you can't get close to the dam where the biggies like to hang because of the cool waters from the turbines. So good luck they fish are there. YOu just need to know where to go. Your daddy was right about one thing though. Crappie fisherman don't talk or tell about their HONEY HOLES. But if you ever what to go catch a good mess and have fun, e-mail me. I am always looking for a serious fish'n partner. My oldest boy got married and lives in Valley Mills now. He fishes the Amature Bass Club tourney. So I don't see him very much anymore.

  5. 7/14/2005 9:30:00 AM learner from TEXAS says #549
    I try to take my children fishing every chance I can get. I have tried Waco with some luck.I haven't had my depth finder working, but am rewiring soon.$? What is the best depth and bottom structure to brush? Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!!

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