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SUBJECT: # 69: What is the best 10 foot crappie rod?

Submitted by Mike from ILLINOIS on 11/22/1999 5:27:00 PM

I am new to crappie fishing. A friend of mine asked me to join him at KY lake for some early spring crappie fishing. He has a 10 foot crappie rod that is no longer manufactured. What do you recommend that I get and where can I buy one? Should it be spinning or baitcasting style? And should it be 10 feet long? Thanks for your help.

  1. 11/22/1999 9:11:00 PM Li from NEW JERSEY says crappie rod
    Mike, you don't need a 10' rod for crappie fishing. I use a 5.5' ultra-light action spinning rod with 6 lb line, it works great for me. The secreat is sensitivity, the more sensitive the rod is, the easier you will detect crappie bites. I am not saying that 10 ' rod is not right for crappie fishing. It depends how you fish. If you fish from a boat, you are better off with a 5.5' rod. If you fish from the bank and over covers, 10' rod would be better. I once saw somebody fishing for crappie with a light spinning reel on a wt 5 fly rod, works really well too. Since most crappie jigs are small, you are safe with a spinner reel. Good luck., Li
  2. 11/23/1999 1:44:00 PM crappiebustr from TENNESSEE says Crappie poles
    It really all depends on what particular situation that you & your friend are going to fish in. If you're planning on fishing the bushes a 10 ft. crappie pole would do well. An 8'6" fly rod with a martin auto reel works. A cane pole will work & is the most economical. (The cane has it's draw-backs with a big bass) For fishing deeper areas, from the bank or a boat, a 5'6" works well. It's best for open water. The line & lure needs are a little different. On my 5'6" I use 6 lb Stren & a 1/16th oz plain lead head with a tube jig. Chartreusse is good, a clear salt & pepper has been hot. If I'm fishing brush piles or log jams that I can't see, or just plain hangy areas, I use a 1/16th oz weedless, but only if I have to. These are available at bass pro if your local shop haveth not. On the 10', 12', or whatever you prefer. I use, well, I don't know what you call it really. It's a black, braided, tough line. It's not used much today as it was 30 years ago. I use a slip-float with a bead, two upside-down bullet weights, (they knock a hang loose really well, & then a leader with stren 12-14 lb test with a 1/0 - 3/0 eagle-claw gold hook. Pretty odd, huh? EFFECTIVE!!
  3. 12/18/1999 11:48:00 PM Rick La Point - Chauffeured Guide Service from MISSOURI says 10' Crappie Rod
    Apparently very few have fished with a sensitive 10' crappie rod. I used to think ultralight 5'do the trick. they work but there is nothing like crappie fishing with a 10' graphite crappie rod. You will, I promise you increase your catch. They crappie bites and won't let go because he doesn't feel the rod. Try it, I use 9 or 10' rods for all my crappie guide trips.
  4. 4/18/2000 10:51:00 AM T-rock from CALIFORNIA says crappie flies
    anyone have recipes for crappie flys and any good places other than our local Lake Sonoma, to fish for them. I caught an 8 inch one, on a very small scaled down bass fly, fly fishing for perch in that lake and they do taste good.
  5. 4/27/2001 9:37:00 AM Jerry Neal from LOUISIANA says #69 The best 10 foot crappie rod
    It's good to be comfortable with various length rods. I actually flip with an ultralight rod in flooded cypress with overhanging branches in La.. In this situation I can ga-ran-teee that this is no place for a 10' rod. On the other hand I love the long stick for open situations as well as fishing tight cover vertically. Good Luck. JN

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