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SUBJECT: # 74: best crappie boat?

Submitted by jerry schivers from TEXAS on 12/1/1999 4:21:00 PM

Just sold my bass boat and now I looking to buy a good crappie boat so I am asking for any suggestions..thanks

  1. 12/1/1999 7:05:00 PM Bobby from VIRGINIA says I own a bass boat, but;
    If I did not like to go fast, I would definitely own an18 to 20 foot pontoon, with a 60 or 70 horse 4-stroke engine.With this rig you could use multiple rods, and fish comfortably all night.Tight lines.
  2. 12/2/1999 7:42:00 AM Hawk from GEORGIA says Best Crappie Boat!
    Bobby has the right idea. Pontoons are the way to go, but I think for versatility and good speed; a good tri-hull boat would do the trick. I have a 15.5 Cimarron with a 70hp Merc. My family and I really enjoy this boat but at times, when we have friends over, I really wished that I had a pontoon... There's my two cents... Hawk
  3. 12/2/1999 6:03:00 PM Pete from FLORIDA says well,
    I would say it depends really what you want. Here are a few ideas. The pontoon has got to be one of the best if you are into a bunch of poles for spider rigging,I had one. But here is another idea. A fellow I know has a sweet setup just for two people tho.He has a fiberglass tri hull,front stick steering,holders down the side,small generator,auto type night halogen driveing lights mounted for night fishing,and definatly gets there faster than I use to.I've fished out of it and really like the fact of being right up front for jigging to boot,even got electric anchor's front and rear,operates everything front the front seat.The one draw back is when its rough,he does get wet by being up front, but not that bad.It also serves well for bass fishing or any other type of fishing.To me its one of the best all round fishing boat setups, going.
  4. 12/2/1999 11:06:00 PM R. l. from MISSISSIPPI says pontoons
    I've got a 21 foot pontoon with a 75 and a bass boat. I would much rather fish for crappie out of the pontoon. I got a depthfinder and a hand operated Motor Guide for the bow and it will do everything I need it to do. Tracker makes an 18 ft. model which is set up for fishing. This might be what you are looking for.
  5. 1/3/2000 9:14:00 PM Brian from ALABAMA says best boat for crappie
    Last year I fished in the Crappie U.S.A Classic. As far as the best boat? Well, there were about a hundred teams and probably that many different boats! But I did not see any pontoon boats there. I would have to give the nod to the Ranger Boats. Why? well the fiberglass boats are generally a heavier boat and are less susceptible to being whipped by the wind. Currently, I run a 374 Ranger bass boat, but I am leaning towards either a 681 or a 690 Ranger Fisherman. Anybody know of one for sale?
  6. 1/5/2000 10:49:00 PM Rl from MISSISSIPPI says Brian
    I wouldn't fish out of my pontoon at a Crappie U. S. A. tournament. I'm not interested in Crappie U. S. A. tournaments or Rangers to go along with the proper clothes and hat and all those cute fishing patches. You stick to your Ranger tournaments and I'll keep having fun in my pontoon. I don't think you'll catch many more than I will and I'll try to stay out of your way unless I'm in my bass boat.
  7. 1/13/2000 10:09:00 PM Brian from ALABAMA says Excuuuussseee ME!
    Well, I didn't mean to upset you, but let's get something straight. I don't fish ranger tournaments, or have patches all over, or race all over the lake. However, like you, I'm sure, really enjoy fishin' crappie. The reason I fish those crappie tournaments is pretty simple. I have met a bunch of fun people and have learned a lot about crappie fishing. It's interesting to see how guys catch fish on really tough fishing days. And, as far as Rangers, you're right. The name on the side of the boat doesn't catch any more fish! What I should have said was that I think the fiberglass boats were the way to go. I have fished out of pontoon boats, and they are very roomy and comfortable. But they are not{in my opinion} as easy to handle in windy conditions.Thanks for setting me straight.

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