Marking Rods and Reels for Identification Marking Rods and Reels for Identification
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    Marking Rods and Reels for Identification
from Papafins  
7/28/2009 6:38:11 PM


 I think I am going to take all my rods and using a fine point paint pen write a serial type I.D on it. I am going to go down on the but where they usually have line weoght etc. and write a small number with my initials. Once that dries I am going to mask off the area and clear coat it so it looks like part of the rod I.D..
I am going to then lay out all the rods and place a number by them and take a picture and do an inventory for my files.
I am also going to take a close up picture of the serial code I added for proof if needed to police.

It is going to be a little harder on reels, possibly my code on the bottom of the foot, then do the same with the numbers and pictures.

I am also going to lay out all my 3700, 3600, 3500 tackle storage boxes and open the tops and take pictures of the boxes and the contents.

It would be virtually impossible to get lures back but the picture would help with the insurance company

They need to take that dude in Missouri and start a 7'-6" flipping stick up his rear and not stop until it comes out the top.

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   Marking Rods from Olddude #17420  7/28/2009 6:57:11 PM
 Barbwire enema works great.

   Great idea from alp #10186  7/28/2009 7:17:57 PM
 Thanks for the reminder on this....I did it 5 or 6 years ago but I doubt if I have any of those rod and reels still on hand....a real pain in the butt to do it but its worth if you ever have anything stolen....happened to me twice, once in my garage and the boat was covered...the other time at Toledo Bend and I hear there is a rash of thefts going on there once again...hang the thiefs, take my wife, my children and even my dog but don't mess with my fishin gear.....haaaaaaaa......haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


   Saltwater fishermen are big targets for thieves from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  7/28/2009 9:34:16 PM
 Down here a lot of the boats are in Marinas with the rods locked away either on the boat or dock locker. On all the reels I do for people I use a dremel on the INSIDE of the reel to mark my initials and date serviced in very, very small letters under my magnifier. I only do this on Big game reels like Shimano Tekotas, Tiagras and all the Calcuttas as they are big targets. The Penn Internationals also. I also mark most Abu round reels, I do this on the palm side plate before reinstalling the cog gears and clicker mechanisms.

   Back in the 1970's I bought an electric engraver tool. from PPEN  7/28/2009 9:41:22 PM
 It is a vibrating hardened point which seems to be able to mark/inscribe letters on most anything. I'm thinking it was a 5 to 10 dollar tool. Works great on the underside of the reel foot. Might check hobby shops or places which sell specialty tools.

   Engraving tool from Ralph Manns  7/29/2009 12:45:14 AM
 I've etched my name all my reels for more than 30 years. It didn't help when they stole all my Series One rods and Shimano Chronarchs out of my truck back in the 1990. I still mark reels, but don't hold your breath waiting to get them back.

   Our own worse enemy from jdw #10274  7/29/2009 7:45:54 AM
 The reality is we all denounce these thevies yet some where out here we are perpetuating these crimes by purchasing these stolen goods. In the reports about the Missouri thief, those involved in his capture stated that watch making purchases from someone when it well below market values becuase there is a good chance it could be stolen. I am not saying we are a bunch of crooks but that "good deal" might have a reason for being so cheap.

   maybe it's from BASSMAN IA.  7/29/2009 8:06:32 AM
 time the rod manufactures did incorporate a serial number on rods.

   marking rods... from holeshot #11692  7/29/2009 8:42:30 AM
 ...Now is also a good time to check on your insurance for
your fishing tackle....homeowners policy will only pay a
certain amt. and if you don't have a rider then T.S.....
...I remember laying out a couple of rod & reel combo and
telling my insurance agent (a non fisherman) that those
2 combos would cost over a $1,000 dollars to replace....
and he just laughed and said "Yeah, Right" if someone
cleans out your garage or boat lockers, that is the WRONG
time to find out how much your insurance does pay....!!

...Do it Now...!!

   Rod and reel id's from Castoff33 #13871  7/29/2009 10:26:46 AM
 Thank God I did this last year, I took a pic of all my rods and reels and listed the make and models of all. When they were stolen, I had it all for the insurance co and they paid with no problem.

   St. Croix Rods from GonFishn  7/29/2009 11:19:21 AM
 the new St. Croix rods have serial numbers on them, now if we could only get the reel manufacturer's to do the same.

   I wouldn't............ from Grasshopper  7/29/2009 1:12:11 PM
 Put my name or any serial numbers. Instead, I would put an identifying mark on the object. Something a theif would not think to scrape off.

   In Texas they encourage us from WHIMSY  7/29/2009 2:46:37 PM
 to use our drivers license number preceded by the two letter state designation when marking household items. I.E. TX12345678

   serial # from Jack from S. Sauty  7/29/2009 7:31:09 PM
 The new Kistler rods that I just got have a Manu. serial number on them, along with an American Flag, and made in the USA.



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