Minn Kota / 24 Volt / Battery Hook Up Minn Kota / 24 Volt / Battery Hook Up
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    Minn Kota / 24 Volt / Battery Hook Up
from George (  
4/15/1999 5:32:00 PM


 If anybody can answer this quick (want to get out this weekend), it would be appreciated.

Last fall just before I put the boat up for the winter, I had the original OMC 24 volt trolling motor taken off and replaced it with a 24 volt Minn Kota. Used the new motor once and disconnected the batteries and put them on the charger for the winter. Well, put the batteries back in today, could not remember how they are wired for the Minn Kota. With the OMC, two sets of wires, one for each battery. The Omc had the switch for 12 or 24 volt operation, the Minn Kota is always running 24 volts. Tried a couple of hook ups, motor not running at full speed and the battery indicator on the trolling motor does not register anything. Of course, I have misplaced the manual. Would appreciate an answer on how to wire the batteries correctly.

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   Minn Kota 24V Wiring from khingfish (  4/15/1999 9:21:00 PM
 George, it needs to be wired in series as follows:

a. Connect the negative (-) black lead to the negative (-) terminal of battery 1.

b. Connect the connector cable to the positive (+) terminal of battery 1 and to the negative (-) terminal of battery 2.

c. Connect the positive (+) red lead to the positive (+) terminal on battery 2.

Taken from a Minn Kota manual. GL

   The wires from George (  4/16/1999 12:59:00 PM
 GL, there are two sets of cables runnning back from the trolling motor. When it was hooked up to the Minn Kota the first time, the guy used both sets of cables. From what I remember one of the negative cables was not hooked up to anything.He did use the connector cable.
   afdsg from cxvnh (  4/16/1999 3:08:00 PM
   Wiring from khingfish (  4/17/1999 1:57:00 AM
 If your troll moter has 2 wires, one red and one black , use the procedure i described above. You will have one hot wire and one ground wire coming from the batteries to the troll motor. Good Luck
   Wiring from Jim (  4/19/1999 7:47:00 AM
 George, the first thing you have to do is determine which pair of lines (red and black) are providing power to your motor. Take a look at the male plug on the TM. See which ports the wires are attached to. Then hook one set of wires to one of the batteries. Check the female plug-in for 12V at the two terminals that correspond to your male plug-in. If you have 12V, then the two lines you have hooked up to the battery are active. If not, remove them and attach the other two and check again. Once you determine the active line, wire it in series the way Kingfish described above. Another way is to hook up in series the way Kingfish said (using only one set of the red and black wires) then go to the female plug-in and find the two terminals that provide power. Then just wire the male plug to match. However, to find 24V you should use a multi-meter and not an auto test light. The 24V will cause that 12V tester to melt down. If you're still unsure of it, e-mail and I'll talk you through it. Good luck.
   24 volt from dj (  6/25/1999 11:27:00 PM
 We have hooked up the 2 12 volt batteries as stated above, but our areator runs too fast. It needs to run on 12 volts only. We do not want to put in another battery. Will one of the 12 volt batteries still only carry 12 volts and not 24? Which one? The one with all of the positive wires connected or the one with all of the negative wires con- nected? Thanks for you help. DJ



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