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    Bumper Stumper Lures
from Bass (  
2/17/2000 5:13:00 PM


 After getting into contact with Bumper Stumper Lures through this board, I talked to the owner of the company and he more than made up the order that I sent in Dec that was lost somewhere. I thank him and all who responed to me thanks. This is the best fishing board on the net... Bass

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   Bumper Stumper. from Ron's T&C Tackle  1/6/2000 11:47:00 AM
 Ron. I used to carry Bumper Stumper spinner baits. I called them yesterday and the # was no longer in service. I no longer can find them on the web. I'am not saying a thing but, what does that tell you? It tells me that they have moved, redoing the web site or are out of business. Ron T.
   Not as good a spinnerbait as advertised ! from bushyboy (  1/6/2000 7:39:00 PM
 They didn't use sampo ball bearings and the 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. bait were the same.
   Thanks Ron T. from Ron Allison (  1/8/2000 9:21:00 AM
 Ron - Thanks for the info. I haven't heard anything with regards to an order I sent the first of the year, and then couldn't find them on the net anymore. I had good success with one of their spinnerbaits but have been intending to try Gamblers anyhow. - Thanks Ron A.
   Bumper Stumper from Stickbowhunter (  2/10/2000 2:34:00 PM
 Hey Bass,

I looked up the phone number and called them. I was getting a funny ring and finally a answering service picked up. I asked the lady if Bumper Stumper was still in business and she said yes. I then asked if they had a store front and she said that she didn't know. Here is the phone number that I called......214-956-8666.

I am in North Dallas/Plano, so if you need anything else let me know I will do what I can to help out.

That is total BS and there shouldn't be anyone operating a business in that manner.

Mark "Stickbowhunter"

   Ordering from Ronnie (  2/10/2000 5:26:00 PM
 I ordered some over the net a couple of years ago. The order came quick but was not completly correct.
   Bumper Stumper Lures from Anglers Quest (  2/10/2000 7:16:00 PM
 I just left Bumper Stumper Lures new shop in Crosby, Tx. Al Aaron is the owner of this business and a 2000 Sponsor of Anglers Quest. There new address is 15110 FM 2100 Suite 1 Crosby Tx 77532 phone 281-328-8997. They are there working and filling orders daily. There web-site is down for reasons out of there control, but you may call them at the # listed here and talk with Al Aaron to clear up any questions you may have........Mr Bill
   Glad to hear that you got it resolved......no msg. from Stickbowhunter (  2/17/2000 5:19:00 PM



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