if the cows are laying down are the fish biting? if the cows are laying down are the fish biting?
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    if the cows are laying down are the fish biting?
from coach  
4/5/2000 9:09:00 PM


 when i was growing up, grandpa always started to &^%$& when we were going to the lake. always said the fish weren't biting when this occurred. same thing with the wind was blowing from the east. his thought was to go kick them in a#$ and get them up. true or false

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   The Fish are always biting! from Rick La Point - Chauffeured Guide Service  4/5/2000 9:47:00 PM
 Fish with KickNBass and the fish will always bite. Just some days better than others.
   When the wind is from the east.... from Greg Heinz  4/5/2000 10:57:00 PM
 Showing my age here, but....When the wind is from the East the fish, they bite the least. When the wind is from the West, the fish, they bite the best. When the wind is from the south, the fish, they have closed mouths. When the wind is from the North (oops, I forgot the rest).

Cow logic comes from the Barometric Pressure. If the Barometer is high the cows are lathargic and do not feed. Some say the same holds true for all other animals. Also watch cows on a real bright, summer day. They will all huddle under one tree in the middle of a field. You can bet the fish will be located close to structure and, if you can find the right lure, you may catch a number of them from one spot.

Another theory is to watch birds. Actively feeding birds also translates to actively feeding fish. Anyways, that's what Grandpappy always told me (but he didn't have the BFHP fishing reports page). Greg.

   what it really means from Bassman Ia  4/6/2000 8:03:00 AM
 The cows are tired, that's all. Greg your age ???


   wind from the north... from Lt (  4/6/2000 10:38:00 AM
 Hey Greg, I think that's Wind from the north, the fish, they won't come forth. When I was growing up my mom always remarked about the wind direction and that saying really held up. The cow thing seems to work also. Good fishin' LT
   spook'em from Ron (  4/6/2000 11:35:00 AM
 Alias, I thought I was alone....My partner is a devout believer in the cow theory... You guys don't know how embarrasing it is to have to pull off the road while my partner runs through the field spooking the cows so we can catch fish.....
   Wind from Spook (  4/6/2000 1:23:00 PM
 I grew up being told the same thing about cows and other animals laying down. I haven't found it to be totally true. I have found that there seams to be a slow down and sometimes total quiting of biting when the mallards on the two lakes I fish most tuck their heads under wing. I also have heard the wind theory, but a little different. Wind from the east, they bite the least. Wind from the north, fisherman go forth. Wind from the west, they bite the best. Wind from the south, blows it in their mouth. Maybe that's before the front.
   Cows and Bass- Something I know something about from BassTaurus   4/6/2000 3:46:00 PM
 BTW, Wind from the North- DON'T venture forth! Cows under trees during the day are most likely in a fescue field. The Kentucky-31 variety of fescue has a fungus called Acremoniun coenophialum which reduces the heat tolerance of the cows after they eat it, hence they gather under the shade trees to reduce heat stress. They do graze in the early morning though. Blood is also shunted away from the extremities and may cause parts of their tail to actually fall off. They may also go lame due to the blood not supplying their feet and hooves with blood (this condition is commonly called "fescue foot"). Bass don't graze on fescue, therefore they don't have this problem. I'm glad I can put my degrees in Animal Science to use on this page finally! Now you know the real story!
   Knb from Dic head (  4/6/2000 6:07:00 PM
 Dear rickie your free sample is in the mail as usual.thanks for your grate testimonical about are grate produk.
   Dic H from Rick La Point - Chauffeured Guide Service  4/6/2000 6:15:00 PM
 Just telling it like it is Dic h. I you don't believe, hire me I gaurentee fish!
   About Cows from Ralph Manns  4/7/2000 6:16:00 PM
 Deer, Moose, or range cattle standing, Maybe. Cows, not usually. Why? Cows in typical farms feed when the farmer brings food. The farm schedule determines when they stand and lie down. I notice watch the cows every time I drive to Fork, they usually are standing around the feed troughs if it's full. They lie down if it isn't, ignoring the solunar influence.

If you really want to know when the solunar influence is strong, either get the ephimeris time tables from the National Observatory or (easier) buy a Casio Fish-n-Time watch.

Some years ago I researched the solunar phenominon and wrote a two-part article on the subject: March and April 1992, In-Fisherman. Summary -- there is an influence, but it is one of many separate factors influencing bass activity.



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