Spinning Rod with Tennessee Handle Spinning Rod with Tennessee Handle
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    Spinning Rod with Tennessee Handle
from donald.bowling  
10/16/2009 9:26:31 PM


 I have been looking for a 7 1/2 foot spinning rod with a Tennessee handle and can't find any manufacturer selling one. I want the rod for shakey head and drop shot fishing. Can anyone recommend a high end, light, sensitive blank and supply source so I can have one built or build it myself? Thanks.

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   Options from Fisherboy #10852  10/17/2009 9:58:52 AM

My first choice would be a St. Croix 5S76MLF if you plan on staying under a 1/2oz lure weight.

Next would be a Lamiglas IMP883 and extend the butt 2"

Then a Certified Pro IP 903 or Phenix Ultra MBX 707ML

Mudhole would be a good one-stop shop to get it all.

If you aren't in a hurry (see Lamiglas post below) I'm putting together bulk order to get a pretty good discount on Lamiglas products. The best I could help you with on the St. Croix would be about $165 shipped to your door.

   Thanks, Fisherboy from donald.bowling  10/19/2009 9:13:20 PM
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I have built a few casting rods in the past, but not in the last 10 years. I have been looking at the St Croix blank you recommended along with the 5S76MF. I don't know if there is a concernable difference between the two. I am wondering if they have a fast enough tip. I have some St Croix casting rods but no spinning rods because I don't like their reel seats and handles. Lamiglas bass rods, I don't know much about. I have two of their salmon rods, but have broken two of them in Alaska. The Phenix blank sounds interesting, although I know nothing about them. I noticed that they have a UMBX-S706-B dropshot blank with extra fast tip. Are you familiar with this blank? Thanks.

   Umbx-s706-b from Fisherboy #10852  10/20/2009 9:15:03 AM

I've never worked with that blank, but it's a light SOB according to the specs.

I wouldn't recommend the 5S76MF for drop shotting. A Medium Action St. Croix is nearly a medium hvy compared to other manufacturers and the tip wouldn't be all that soft.

Lamiglas' IMP883 would make a damn fine rod for both. I have a message out to see if we can get some. It was discontinued.

Here's the Phenix factory model that would be difficult to built for muc less: http://www.basstackledepot.com/phenix-rods.aspx

   my 2 cents from MikeF  10/20/2009 10:19:39 AM
I would not use the same rod for DS that I would for shakeyhead. DS really needs an XF tip and I don't think you can properly work any jig with an XF tip.

   Weight dictates from Fisherboy #10852  10/20/2009 11:24:28 AM

Most bass anglers I know rarely fish a shakeyhead that weighs more than a 3/8ths ounce. A 3/16ths ounce is probably the most popular.

Real shakeyhead connoisseurs regularly fishes 1/8th ounce or less and can turn fishing 1/16th jigs into an art form.

That said, you can power fish with a 3/8oz shakeyhead or larger, but in that case any good fast action worm rod would do the trick.

To be able to affectively fish both shakeyheads and dropshotting, an x-fast action would be better for anything under 3/8ths – preferably 1/4oz and under. The “basic” technique for fishing either method is the same.

Realistically, you might want a rod or two for each method, but that depends on budget and how much you use the damn thing.

When I used to finesse fish constantly, I had a variety of rods for each. Since I moved here, those rods have been replaced with flipping sticks and other power fishing utensils with only one poor little finesse rod left, which only sees action when things get really, really tough.

   Thanks, guys from donald.bowling  10/20/2009 7:43:14 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I probably should have been clearer with my original post. The last couple of years I have quit fishing tournaments as a boater and went to the back deck. Running the trolling motor for 8 hours wears me out. I carry the least amount of gear I can, 2-4 rods max. The ones I take along have to be used for multiple technics. Finesse fishing works the best off the back deck trying to catch a few that my boater may have missed. 1/4 ounce shakey head is about as heavy as I go unless the wind is blowing pretty good. Anyways, I'm fired up now and got the rod wrapper out of storage. I think I will build two: one using the St Croix blank and another using the Phenix shakey head blank.

   crap from donald.bowling  10/20/2009 7:44:26 PM
I meant the Phenix drop shot blank.



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