What rods/reels did KVD use to win?? What rods/reels did KVD use to win??
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    What rods/reels did KVD use to win??
from SteveP  
8/6/2001 2:44:00 PM


 We all know he used Strike King jigs, but what type of rods and reels does he use? Custom? Or name brand? What about reels? Could anyone who watched the TV footage tell what it was he was using?

These guys are only allowed ten rods. I know he broke one, and lost one over the side. Do you think he just brought ten flippin sticks, knowing that was the presentation he was going to use?

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   KVD's Equipment from Jose (  8/6/2001 3:39:00 PM

KVD uses Quantum rods and reels. He ha his own signature series rods/reels. They are available through Bass Pro Shops. The baitcastin reels cost 99.99, the spinning cost 69.99. The rods are IM7 graphite. They have Fuji components and retail for 69.99.

Be blessed, Jose

Team Jesus!!

   I know that Quantum is one of his major sponsors and I have.. from Jimmy (  8/6/2001 3:45:00 PM
 seen him use Quantum rods and reels when he is on tv. Whether he uses that stuff when cameras are off, I don't know. I was at the Classic from Wednesday until Saturday night. I know many of the guys were using small cranks in addition to flippin the grass and reeds, so I'm sure he had some crankbait equipment along with the heavy stuff. Good fishin'. Jimmy

   The only way from FishingCareer.com  8/6/2001 4:10:00 PM
 he would compete using Quantum Rods was if the Quantum Engineers Made them for him one at a time using the absolute best fitting components they could. Something that can't be done on the assembly line process. I'm not bashing Quantum but it is a fact that the assembly line process adds weight and decreases sensitiviy. Still good rods for the money.

I know of one other pro who has ordered rods for and sold them to KVD. I also know he gets some custom made rods from Higley Custom Rods that are built Revolver Rod Style.

bj posted a few weeks back about a custom Higley Revolver Rod that he had recently purchased from KVD.

As for reels it's anyone guess. They look like Chronarch but I haven't looked at Quantums in some time.

Brad Tharp is the owner of fishingcareer.com, leading the fishing industry as an Angler Marketing Agency. Brad designs and markets products for the fishing and boating industry and is himself a competitive tournament angler.

His sponsors include Champion Boats, Bag-em Products, Rolls Batteries, Shimano, and Spike-it Baits and Guest Chargers.
   rods from bj (  8/6/2001 5:29:00 PM
  well the cat is out, I'll tell you this the higley rod is not good on details , Brad makes a better rod, how do i know, i sold most on my rods and getting Brad to make a bunch up for me, and Brad I'm selling that Glx too , one thing i noticed about the revolver rod in the angles that the lure flies at, it's a lowwer and closer to the water,plus balanced rod is 10 times better than a factory rod, what kevin fishes with is for him to say, look close a the tapes, not the tape in the classic but the tapes that brought kevin the classic, look at the FlW too you'll all be surprise on what people use, i noticed Kevin had a rod on the deck that wasn't Quantum, i think? with lawsuits and contracts what do think they use in the classic, a friend of mine was in the classic a couple of years ago, and berkley sent him 25 rods to use in the classic and shimano 5 reels, but that isn't what he used to get to the classic, I'm going fishing with my revoler now see you later

   Why should it matter???? from Wsim (  8/7/2001 11:03:00 AM
 What should matter is what feels right and what you are comfortable with. If KVD wore a small shirt would you get one that size or would you buy one that fit you? Do the same with your fishing gear. Do some comparisons, feel touch and use when you can, and then decide what YOU like. Just because KVD endorses the product, that doesn't mean it will put more fish in YOUR boat. What will is gear/equipment that you are most comfortable and CONFIDENT in! Sorry but this doesn't answer the question.

   Wsim - it's called curiousity from SteveP  8/7/2001 1:21:00 PM
 and a way to stimulate discussion. Your response is an excellent one. Doesn't answer the question, but that doesn't make it inappropriate.

   Did you also notice!! from Gabasser (  8/7/2001 4:39:00 PM
 In the actual fishing clips from the 6:30 PM weigh-in broadcasts, I was amazed at the number of ABU 5500C's being fished with. I saw many.



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