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    pinion gear BB1
from Warren Williams (  
11/27/2002 6:24:00 PM


 I've been looking for the pinion gear for an old Lew's Speed Spool BB1. The reel has a chome plated reel foot with Shimano Co. LTD. Japan and the letters 'ZL' under the words. The left side plate also has the Shimano logo. Do any of you sponsors have this pinion gear? Contact me through the board. Thanks

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   Lew's Pinion from Heartland Tackle Service  11/27/2002 7:21:00 PM

Do you happen to have the schematic showing the part number of that pinion gear? I do have some Lew's pinions in stock, but I don't have a schematic for the BB1 in my book. I can check with Zebco after Thanksgiving to try and find the part number for the BB1 pinion for you if needed. You can call me if you'd like at 316-684-8905. I'll be home all weekend.

Good fishing -- Jim Johns, Heartland Tackle Service - The Best Reel Service In The Heartland!

   pinion... from sandman  11/27/2002 8:25:00 PM
 I believe that model takes a Bantam 100 pinion. Reeldoc???

   Lew's pinion --Jim from Warren Williams (  11/27/2002 8:48:00 PM
 Jim, thanks for the quick response. I don't have the schematic for that reel but the pinion yoke and spool release mechanism is very similar to the older ABU Ambassadeur, not like the clutch lever [yoke] of the more modern BB1N. I'll give you a call this week-end if time permits, if not, I'll call your shop on Monday. Your phrase "The Best Reel Service in the Heartland" is well deserved. Have a restful and safe Thanksgiving! Warren Williams--WMS Custom Rods

   Who dat ringin ma bell? from Reeldoc (  11/27/2002 11:01:00 PM
 Pinion for a BB1 is part number BBR-25. In 1982 the price was $2.72.

   BB-1 Pinion Gear from Jeff Hahn  11/29/2002 8:20:00 PM
 Warren: Best of luck in finding a BB-1 pinion gear. I used to have a couple BB-1's, mainly just to have some of the original Lew's in my collection. But, I did use them fun fishing for a while and didn't like them nearly as much as my BB-1N's, so I sold'em. In the mean time, I searched for parts. I quickly found out that BB-1 parts are essentially non-existant. In particular, the pinion gear is prone to wear, with the worm gear being a close second. I searched high and low and never could find any BB-1 parts. Zebco/Quantum has never stocked any BB-1 parts. I contacted Team Lew's in Foley, Alabama, which are the old guys who used to work for Lew Childre. They also did not have any BB-1 parts left. I even ask Marv at SunCoast Rod and Reel, who was a Lew's Super Store and he didn't have any BB-1 left. Three possible another BB-1 off of E-Bay and canabalize it for parts. Second, it is possible to have the pinion gear fixed. The wear is on the inside of the groove on the bottom of the gear. If you take the pinion gear to a jeweler, he can build up the worn area using silver solder. I had one fixed like this and it did work OK, but was somewhat noisy. Cost me $20.00 to have it fixed by the jeweler, but that is cheaper than buying another BB-1 for parts. Third, some Shimano parts will fit the BB-1...for example, the pawls for a Shimano Bantum will work. They are not a perfect duplicate of the BB-1 pawl, but they will work. I heard that there was an ABU Garcia pinion gear that would work, but I never got the exact part number. There might also be a Shimano pinion gear that will work. Your best bet would be to take the pinion gear to a local reel repair shop, or send it to a board sponsor reel repair shop, and see if they can match it. Good luck!

Jeff Hahn

   Who needs how many? from Reeldoc (  11/30/2002 5:12:00 PM
 I may be able to hook you up, email me at the below address.

   BB1 pinion gears from David Pennington (  12/16/2002 8:23:00 PM
 Warren I have 4 of the BBR25 Pinions.



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