St. Croix Avid vs. G Loomis GL2 St. Croix Avid vs. G Loomis GL2
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    St. Croix Avid vs. G Loomis GL2
from dja (  
8/3/2003 4:50:00 PM


 I am looking into buying one of these 2 rods, but need a little info from some of you here. I am looking at the SC Avid AC66MHF and know all the details like SC III blank, Alconite concept guides, and so forth. As for the G Loomis, I can't seem to find anything about their rod blanks, or guides they use etc. Can someone please help out with this? Now on the GL2 MBR783C I see that it is more closely compared to the AC66MF. Would I need to step up to the MBR784C in a heavy action? Also, of these 2, Avid & GL 2, which would be the better choice considering they are both about the same price? I appreciate your input.

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   avid vs gl2 from jeff L (  8/3/2003 6:01:00 PM
 considering that both blanks are not a 100% graphite,i would go with the avid.loomis mh action is stcroix m action, i would also consider rouge rods,there in the same price range.jmo

   The Loomis from duke d (  8/3/2003 6:16:00 PM
 783 blank is great in all their materials. As I have said before, the total design of the blank is what matters when applying it to an application. The 783 is a great all-around blank; a must have. The label "M" or "MH" doesn't do the 783 justice. I will also say the Avid is also a good rod and I think both are worth a look. The scrim on most rods are glass unless you look at the IMX and GLX Loomis or a St Croix LE. So don't let the fact that these rods aren't 100 percent graphite scare you.

   Thanks from dja (  8/3/2003 6:23:00 PM
 Thanks guys for the responses! Also, do either of you know what sort of guides the GL2 uses? As for the 100% graphite, that's fine, I wish I could afford one of the higher end Loomis or St. Croix rods, but that's just not possible right now. As the old ZX commercial used to say..."Some Day!!!"

   One more thing.... from dja (  8/3/2003 6:29:00 PM
 What about the St. Croix Premier series rods? I can get 2 of these for roughly the same price as 1 of the other aforementioned rods. I understand that they use the SCII blank and PB Hailoy guides, but are they really only half the rod that the others are?

   The Loomis Rods or the St Croix Rods ................... from duke d (  8/3/2003 6:40:00 PM
 have companies that back them with quality and good warranties. All the rods mentioned are good rods. Some might argue that some don't have the bang for the buck. My question to you is this. Will you buy this rod near the off season and then sometime next year think about upgrading. If you are, the GL2's or Premiers won't command a very good used market. I would suggest waiting and upgrading next spring to a better quality rod blank. Heck, you can have Rich build a custom with alconites on a great blank that won't break the bank too bad.

   Not planning on upgrading..... from dja (  8/3/2003 6:58:00 PM
 Duke, I'm not planning on upgrading, just making some much needed additions to my equipment. I will, in all likelihood, buy another rod before next spring in addition to the ones I intend on buying now. I was torn as to whether or not I should go ahead and spend $150 for one mid-range rod and another $50 or so on a decent used rod. Or to just get 2 new $100 rods.

   St. Croix from BassMaster Chris (  8/3/2003 8:10:00 PM
 go with the St. Croix

   Avid from Dw (  8/3/2003 10:48:00 PM
 The AVID is a better Rod then the GL2 the AVID is closer to the GL3 For the $150 range I would get the AVID for SURE !

   Avid v. GL2 from John (  8/3/2003 11:37:00 PM
 I don't own any St. Croix other than an old ( 30 year) glass UL. I do own a 3 year old GL2 MBR 783C and it's a great rod. I asume the new one's are similar even though they look different than mine, which has a mat Navy finish. Many will tell you that if you don't own a GLX or IMX you don't really have a true Loomis. Not everyone can or wants to afford $200-$300 for a bass rod. That's why Loomis makes a GL2.

Have you looked at the Falcon Cara. I have several and I think they are as good as the GL2 for a little less $ and a better warranty.

Also, have a Loomis CBR843 so I'm not dissing Loomis, just love the Falcon's for the $.

   Theres a difference from Danco  8/4/2003 9:31:00 AM
 There is no such thing as a 100% graphite rod. But both the rods your talking about are considered totally graphite and not a composite. Different breed of cat altogether. I personally feel the Avid's are more sensitive and lighter than the GL3 and way above the GL2. I'd compare the Premier with the GL2 and in some blanks the GL3. Dollar for Dollar you'll get more rod with the St. Croix although I must admit that the Loomis blanks are excellent.

   dja......... from Pondman  8/4/2003 11:07:00 AM

I have a GL3 843 for sale. If you have an interest, drop me an email (click on my handle).

   Like I've said in the past... from 5-20  8/4/2003 12:52:00 PM
 I'd go with Premiers over a GL2 rod anytime... Unless you really gotta get those rods right now, I'd just hang around and wait for a couple of good deals on used IMX Loomises come across on this board, which you'd be able to buy for around the price of a new avid...

   Avid v GL2 from markG  8/4/2003 1:09:00 PM
 dja, I've got Avids and GL2s, and I'd rate the Avid a measurable step higher. There is also a significant difference in the handle style between the two. I'm not a huge fan of the palm swell on the Avids and LE's, but those can be easily sanded down.

On the Loomis guides:

The (current) IMX is using the Fuji Alconite, the GLX is using a Ti "framed" SiC, the GL3 is using the Aluminum Oxide (black plated frame) and the GL2 has the Aluminum Oxide (stainless frame). the Crankin, Dropshot and the S-Bait rods are using the Alconites.




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